About Us

I live on a small farm in Crescent Valley where I raise sheep and ducks as a source of food for myself, as well as a hobby I truly enjoy. My dogs are all part of the family and are used regularly for stock work at home, in addition to training and competing in a number of performance events. I have grazed my sheep on pastures throughout the valley and expect my dogs to be able to control livestock in the open without a lot of direction from me.

I have very high standards and it has taken me some time to be ready to breed my first litter of Australian Shepherds. For me Australian Shepherds must be a  ‘complete’ package of exceptional temperament, health, structure, genetics and natural working ability.

I have had Aussies in my family since the 1980s, when after a series of failed farm dogs, a good friend sent us a rescue Aussie named “Penny”, who was an old fashioned Aussie and an outstanding farm dog.

When I graduated from university in 1992, my dog Quinna (a grand-daughter of Penny) joined me on many adventures over the next few years. She was a great dog to have in the field while conducting bird research in the forests of Vancouver Island, and on the Sunshine Coast. Quinna and I traveled in all kinds of boats, canoes, float planes, helicopters and many miles on foot. She was a great bush dog and wonderful companion. When Quinna was 9 years old she got me started in stockdog training and trials. After that I was hooked.

Irene Manley